Hey Nic!
I popped in this morning and grabbed your whole range of new lovely products!!!  
Got home and just had to try them!!!
Can’t tell you how impressed and delighted I am with all the products I’ve used so far!!!
Beautiful but delicately scented…luscious…so incredibly hydrating…ended up with a face full of glow!!
Thank you honey!  You’ve made an ol’ duck feel nourished and just a little bit pretty!! LOL
You’re nailing it…be kind to yourself too!
Nejla Hassett
Hi Nic!
Wanted to leave a review for your awesome Vitamin C serum 🩷 Again, good on you for taking the leap and starting this business!
My acne has smoothened out and calmed down even more since using the Vitamin C serum. It's helped to hydrate and even out my skin tone, and it smells amazing too! So thankful that this product is putting to use the antioxidant rich botanicals that Australia has in its own backyard! 
All the best, 
Ella x
Ella Begg